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Want a free book? Tell me a story.

A few weeks ago, my fella and I were in a store and came across some Gooseberry Patch books. I happen to have quite the collection of them, I think because I’m a country girl at heart. Anyway, my fella said he would buy one for me, just let him know which one. After browsing a bit, I settled on Autumn with Family & Friends, certain I didn’t already have it. Then I got home. Whoops. There it was, right in the middle of my shelf.

The book

So, I’m going to do want any sane person would do: give it away via a food blog. If you want a shot at this, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what’s your favorite thing about fall. Simple. It doesn’t have to be about food; it can be anything at all. Oh, and you have to do it by 11:59 EST Wednesday 9 November. I’ll randomly pick a comment and contact the winner via email.

One sample recipe

Sound like something you want to do?

Another recipe


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  1. Fall to me means a time to gather myself for the coming winter. Being making sure my supply of canned food is finished, all of my extra supplies put away for the season, and ready to hunker down and enjoy the changing if the season. It is also a great time for me to scope out friends for gift ideas and pick that perfect gift. As to anyone who actually knows me, then they would also know that it is a prime time for auctions and great deals, because i live for a great deal and auctions are a wonderful place to find them here in Ohio. From the obscure board games and beer signs, to old (but still function-able) canning equipment, it’s all there you just have to be willing to wade through the endless supply of other items to get it. So if i had to pick what my favorite thing about fall would be that would be it, the Auctions.

  2. FalL is my favorite time if year! I love the crisp air, but the beauty of the color changing leaves has left me in awe. I noticed some this year that I have never noticed and I have driven down this same road for 8 years. Sometimes its the little things.

  3. Fall is the time to prepare for the changing of the seasons. For me it is about the colors and long walks in the woods during college. I went to college in a own that was on top of a mountain and fall weather could bring snow. It was also a special treat to go walking through the woods and just listen to the sounds of fall. You could hear the squirrels chattering away as they scurried here and there stashing their winter supply of food. You could hear a startled deer as it ran away from humans though the brush. The delicate sound of water coursing over rocks in the stream. And the feel of the water changed from delicate silk to cooler and heavier. And if we had a snowfall already, you would hear the crunch of the snow as you walked through it to see what was around the next bend of the creek or behind the next tree. But walking through the old town was just as inspiring. You could crunch through the leaves on the sidewalk. Stop and talk and help out the elderly ladies who lived in the wonderful old large Queen Anne houses all by themselves. They would always be surprised that a college student would stop to help them out. Or offer to run up to the store to get them their groceries. Or to the hardware store to pick up some caulking or weather striping tape to help them replace the old stuff around their doors.

  4. I love fall. It’s always meant a time of reflection and renewal for me. My husband and I got married in October, so now I also associate the brisk, peaty scented air and the changing leaves with new beginnings and romance. I love the scenes, scents and overall “snuggling in” feeling that this time of year brings with it. Definitely my favorite time of year!

    ~Melissa Placzek


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