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Ohio maple syrup

I’m not sure anyone knew this, but Ohio is home to sugar maple groves. Canada and New England, yes, but Ohio? I certainly was unaware until I moved here. Back then, I’d heard about some in Eastern Ohio. Well, OK, that’s Appalachian country. That sort of makes sense. Then, about a year ago, I found out there are some right here in Western Ohio. Like, next-to-Indiana Western Ohio. Who knew. It’s not really the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, this is corn and soybean territory.

Anyway, about a year ago I was talking to a regular customer at Lowe’s (where I work) and somehow the conversation made it’s way to maple syrup…his maple syrup. This guy is a contractor. Color me surprised. I told him right then and there that I wanted to buy some. Ever since I tried real maple syrup (from Canada), I never went back to the maple-flavored corn syrup from the grocery. Yech.

So, Woody (my maple syrup producing buddy) sold me 2 half-pints. It was all he had left. Yum! It rather good! So much so that I’ve been rationing it so it would last until this year’s maple season. Yep, there is a season. It’s right about February and March. It just about the time the weather starts to warm up enough to get the sap flowing when the trees are tapped. Above freezing during the day, and below at night. Then there’s the process of making it. Boil down the sap over a wood fire until you have syrup. (info courtesy Ohio Maple Producers Association

I’m waiting on my quart (or more) as we speak…er, type.

Little Sugars Maple Farm half pint

But wait, there’s more! Not only is Woody’s Little Sugars Maple Farm a local producer of tasty maple syrup, they also offer maple cream (something new I plan on trying. I’ll let you know) and raw honey.

I am determined to spread the word on this local treat, not only to help out a small farm owner, but to spread the word of great local products.

For anyone that is interested, here is the info:

Little Sugars Maple Farm

Anna, Ohio


Syrup Prices

  • half pint $5.00
  • pint          $9.00
  • quart       $17.00


  • bears       $2.50
  • pound     $4.00
  • pint          $7.00

Maple cream

  • 3oz.         $3.50
  • 9oz.         $7.00

Give him a call….


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