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A New Season

Summer, er Spring, has officially sprung! I know, I know, the calender said Spring started 4 weeks ago, but I live in western Ohio. Spring shows up whenever it feels like it. And boy howdy! did it show up today. A balmy 80 degrees with a light breeze. And humidity. Back to reality tomorrow, with overnight thunderstorms and highs in the mid-60s.

So, now that Spring has arrived, I’m now waiting on the produce. Local produce, that is. The stores are full of asparagus and strawberries, but I don’t want to ones shipped from Mexico or California. It’s a taste thing. I can’t wait for the local farmers market to open up. Around here, that means Mother’s Day weekend. That also means local produce and flowers.

My first big project of the season will be Marissa’s (from strawberry jam. Her recipe calls for macerating the berries with a vanilla bean. Oh! I cannot wait. (If you can’t tell, I can’t get enough of that blog. I feel a kinship. She lives in a small apartment, and still churns out so many wonderful canning projects. A good source of information for newer canners, too.)

Stay tuned…


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