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Some current faves

Just a few of the many.

Just a (kinda) quick post about some of my favorite cookbooks of the moment. I say “of the moment” because it is ever changing.

1) Beginner’s Guide to Preserving Food at Home by Janet Chadwich

Awesome for those just getting into preserving food. Has some great tips not only for canning, but also freezing and cellar-ing.

2) The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen by Teri Edwards & Serena Thompson

Not only does it have great recipes (granola, pies), it has decorating and gift ideas. Plus The Farm Chicks are straight outta Mead, WA.

3) Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It by Karen Soloman. Have you ever wanted to make your own potato chips, buttermilk dressing, crackers, marshmallows, jerky, or butter? This is the book for you. Well, it is for me as I am interested in things like that. What’s more, Ms Soloman is coming out with another book this summer called Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It. Guess who’s pre-ordering.

4) Farm to Fork by Emeril Lagasse.

I know how some feel about Mr. Lagasse. I’ll tell you though, this book has some tasty recipes. Tuscan Kale and White Bean Ragout was the last recipe I made from the book, and it was delish! Check out the recipes for Kosher Dills. Yum! I WILL be trying the recipe for Honey Vanilla Goat’s Milk Ice. Because you all know how much I love goat cheese.

5) The All New Joy of Cooking

Need I say more. This book , in various editions, has been around since our grandmother’s time. A real go-to book for how to cook almost anything. I refer to it often.


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  1. Love the book list, thank you for posting it. Will definitely check out the “Jam it, Pickle It and Cure it” and the new one also, do you have a link on where too purchase these books???? Thank you again for posting


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